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~ Testimonials ~

                         ~ Testimonials ~

She is absolutely the best of the best! I've read with a lot of Psychics, and She's my all time fave!- Member
Always DEAD ON about at LAST one thing! Thank you for encouraging me tonight. I miss my Dad so much. -User79
Loved the Reading. I like your direct way of telling me information :) Will DEFINITELY call again!- User 82
Kristine M- Thank you ! Thank you! I am never, never disappointed  when Im able to connect with you. Your Readings are clear, concise, accurate, full of information to guide me in how to handle things.

Thanks again for all your help, you've been amazing...Im amazed at how much you are able to predict, sometimes I didn't believe you but then there it goes and happens in front of my eyes. Im in this for the long haul and I'm going to win her over, Im feeling extremely confident that this is going to happen, this point forward I'm keeping my chin high and nobody is going to bring me down not even her, even if she somehow mentions something negative I'm going to be myself no one stopping me now.

I now think the ex boyfriend thing giving her something and them talking a bit was a setup because i now remember his friend came up to me and mentioned that he told the girl i like that she should get back with him, my reaction was like ha she never do that, i suppose they did that to deter me from not gonna work...

I am now training in the bar area where she works a lot and she is the banquet coordinator with the busy season coming up. Im going to work bar and banquets to be closer to her and possibly have more opportunities to get her to open up, ill be patient and tread lightly as she is fragile, I know she needs to know she can trust me, I slowly start to compliment her in person instead only goal right now is to just act like friends again ..I'm not going back to ignoring her again, its not games from my side, i know shell continue playing games but not me, I'm just going to ignore her silly games...she likes the flirting to make jealous, flirt all u want no effect anymore 

I looked into the song meaning of "I hate this" by tenille arts...I think I misunderstood it as from the writers point of view it meant that she hates the process of breaking up and moving on. I thought it may have been about me in that, she was trapped because she was technically with some other guy and could not be with me, what do you think?

Talk to you laters, again thank you soo much....- J.J.

For those who miss out on Our Soul Family Meet Ups, you can STILL glean HUGE benefits from the Video's shared afterwards.
Please understand that when I do a Reading for Soul Family in a Group setting, yes, the messages given are for the specific persons Im Reading for. But, Spirit knows how to give a message that will be what everyone who connects to this Reading will need to hear in some way. So LISTEN for YOUR message. I got SO many!

This was a message I received from someone who was present but stayed quiet and did not ask for a Reading:
"Caught your live today even though I didn’t ask for a reading. I was getting so much out of listening to the others that it didn’t seem necessary! Always love listening to you , it always soothes my soul!
❤️ When you talked of your Jehovah Witness upbringing that sure resonated with me as my upbringing in Mormonism was restrictive like that also! I went thru 2 divorces before my Soulmate Ron came into my life and since he died , I keep asking why didn’t he come into my life sooner?? We had so little time here together... as I listened to you today I realized I wasn’t ready for him and that’s why our paths hadn’t crossed before they did!!! Amazing the answers and clarity I get from mindfully listening to you!! Thank you for all you so unselfishly give!! You are very much appreciated and loved! Sending you love blessings and light! " 💕.

Thank you Sherri Columbus! Another revelation happened to me recently. I want to thank you, because what you’ve been telling me this whole time that I didn’t get finally happened!

I’m officially no longer working for anyone but for myself, and on my own.

I did it, I officially formed my own company, booked it, paid for the filing and formed. My company is called “Masterpiece by Liza Millan”. It’s been sitting under my nose the whole time under my FB profile. I wrote the quote many many years ago.

“Make your life a masterpiece! It’s just like any event, your journey is your story.”

The answer was always right in front of me. Just like what Sherri said. “The answer is right under your nose, you just need to look, the answers right there.” That’s when it clicked.

I had just moved to a new place, also another vision that Sherri saw that I was moving with my boyfriend, she told me this over a year ago, then it just happened. I lost all 3 jobs in a row 2 weeks ago. When does that ever happen. I just moved. Then a week after this incident happened, I told myself I think the universe is telling me something. All the answers that I was looking for, just like Sherri said. “Don’t worry, you will always have something coming for you. Literally landed one of the biggest gig, client in my life. I responded to a comment on an FB group in regards to a request for a vendor recommendation. Small job. I set up a meeting with this speaker, I asked him what he was looking for. He was going on a book tour. The call was almost done, then I asked the question, is there anything else that I didn’t cover that I can help you with. Then he asked me what I did. I mentioned about my experience and what services I provide. Then out of nowhere, he says then what we’re about to discuss right now will be a lot longer than the first one. Wow! I had no idea that he was producing an event in February for Singles. The first conference ever created for singles. “Experience The Greatest
Event for SINGLES!

SingleCon™ is created to be a home where singles around the world will be free to animate their life to the point that settling is no longer an option!”

Thank you Sherri. I am grateful that I found you and that you are in my life for so many years now. You are truly a blessing, I just need to believe like what you said and trust. 😊❤️ 9/13/19


    Sherri Columbus MAD MANIFESTO you ARE! And it all happens because you ASK for Spirits guidance and then ACT on it! Congratulations!!! O:) I LOVE what I do and its really nice to hear another great success story of yours! We saw it coming! :) O:)

"Angels Whisper Sherri Columbus what's more amazing is that last time you said that there was an opportunity that would only apear one time in life, and yesterday this oportunity was proposed to me ( I really didn't knew that it would be for me, really not) , and it's something where I can really change things in my job ( nature protection and developement) I know that it's not easy, and trust me or not, but after that I changed my profile photo with a warrior , and in this vidéo you speaking about warrior , just amazing :D You're the best Sherri <3 -Morganne La Fée 9/12/19

She's always super fast and gives so much information! I could literally talk to her forever! lol! Hoping that this prediction comes to pass. She said something similar to what I've heard from another. Thank you :)- Kami 7/21/19


She's amazing to talk to. She is knowledgable and provides clarity and good insight into your situation. - SAC 7/16/19

She is amazing to listen to! Everything she has to say, it does come to pass and its an amazing feeling! - Melissa 6/3/19


She is always very, in tune and accurate. She grounds me when I need it. Wonderful to talk with. - Hopeful 6/3/19

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your Readings are the best, you're truly amazing and yo were so right! This is exactly what needed to happen! - Kristine 6/2/19

Such a unique and cool advisor that connects in the most interesting way! She provided a lot of different songs ( And I loved it as I love music!) Great and positive uplifting words! Thank you :) - /74

Has been a great adviser to help navigate the emotional waters of life. Very in tune. To the point. If you listen to yourself and the messages from angels you will be fine. Sherri helps in understanding these messages.- Ella

She is a great Reader. She is excellent in her predictions.- Catherine

Absolutely amazing! Knew things that no one else did and were in my heart. Thank you. - 87

Excellent Reader. Simply blown away by the Reading. Look forward to manifesting the positive changes that you mentioned. Will update you. Thanks a lot.- Janus

OMG! This woman!!! Im absolutely blown away!!! She is my new go to!!- Xanadu

She is an amazing reader and the reviews here don't do her justice. She answered all of my questions and told me pieces of information that resonated with me down to the bone. She's got a tremendous gift and it was a pleasure working with her! -44/88

Sherri Columbus is one of the clearest intuitive's I have ever had the honor of receiving a reading from. She is clearly living in the 5D fully. She is not everyone's psychic because the person hearing the reading needs to be ready to receive, see and take her honest and poignant message. Sherri cuts directly to the chase and sees things that will blow you away. Usually when I get a reading, I feel like.. well that was ok. Not with Sherri, I am like, how did she know that?!? Wow! Well worth every penny. Thank you Sherri. I send you many blessings for huge success. I am deeply grateful for your time and gifts. I love you, Dani San Jose, CA

I been following Sherri's page for about 4 years now. I follow and love her work. I have always felt very drawn and connected to how Sherri shares messages and information for everyone. I been through a massive journey in the last few years and the past few readings Sherri has done live I felt very connected to. I purchased a reading from Sherri and was very blown away. Not only was it spot on, but it was raw and truthful not airy fairy. As i have learnt on my journey not everything is a bed of roses and some truths need to be told in a way we as a individual need to hear them. Sherri also spent a lot of time to which i really appreciated as she knew that the message i needed there was more that had to be said. This really shows that the work sherri does comes from a place of wanting to share and help us and I was really blown away by the extra time Sherri had done for me. I would highly recommend Sherri for a reading something I know that i will have for life i can go back over and reflect if i ever need to Once again thank you so very much for your service, tome and connecting Bree 😇😇😇


I love talking with Sherri, her messages to me are always bang on. She gives clarity and direction to help whatever your situation is. Even tonight listening to her reading for my sign on YouTube the message felt like it was about me and only me.- Tracey Bryant

Awesome Reading absolutely worth way more.. But the sharing light and Love and positively, embracing, energy is priceless. 
Sherri thank you for sharing your gifts- Ammy Lamoreaux


100% blown away by what she channeled with POI. I'm still reflecting back in my mind about all that was said. I'm at a loss for words on how spot on accurate she is. Questions where answered in my mind that I had not even asked her. As I thought them Sherri answered them. I have never found anyone on Keen to be even remotely close to what Sherri channeled. - Princess Fire

Wish I could've continued our reading longer. It's always great confining from another what I'm seeing & feeling. It's always so hard to read what's going on when your so close to things. - Princess


I always love speaking with Sherri! She's very communicative and gets to the point right away. Give her a call. -Lynn

Awesome reading thank you. Very positive.- Nerissa


Excellent reading.Thank you so much for the very honest reading. Hope all the good things you see happen - Janus


Excellent reading as always. -Ella

So awesome! Thank you Sherri you're very spot on! -Cely

So wonderful to talk with you, and I’m so glad you're seeing such positive things! You're so right, I need to remember to ask for help. I look forward to talking again soon! - Kristine M

Excellent! - Joanna


She was flat out awesome! I got a lot of answers.. confirmations too.. my go to - Love L

Very detailed, very quick. Provides a lot of information. Am amazed by the accurate things she picked up. Your amazing Sherri - Cranberry


love her energy and her advice! -Lynn


Very fluid and lots of information. - Bliss


Thanks for your time and helpfulness, Sherri. Sherri's always on point and gives constructive feedback. -Rose


Your readings are always amazing, and give me so much food for thought. You have really kept me on track, and I appreciate it so much! I look forward to talking again soon! -Kristin

Prompt. Detailed and very positive. - Jenn


Sherri u gave me chills down my spine.. You are amazing.. It's like you knew me and my situation for a long time. Thanks for the reading and encouragement - Lovely 


I felt that I could connect with Sherri through our chat. She honed in on my situation and was able to provide information to me very timely and well. I either connect with advisers right away or I don't and I can usually sense when the connection takes off right away. I felt as if I could connect with her right away. Thank you for this chat, it really helped me focus on what I need to do.-<3 

Sherri is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!! I absolutely recommend her, great advisor!! She does very profound reading nothing superficial, if you are ready for the next level of consciousnesses, she will be awesome for you, i just love her --ABC7

She's the bomb with so many details--Love 546

So awesome to talk with you as always - such amazing insights and so clear! I will follow your guidance! I'm stronger because of you! I'll call again soon! 

She is amazing! She is able to see so much, and I am truly grateful. I will call again soon! Sheri is terrific! Always fantastic to talk to, and so much insight into my life and relationships...and centered on guidance for what I need to be doing in my life. I'm so grateful!--

Love the info and songsAmazing! Connection wasn't good and we got cut off twice, but thank you for sharing all that you were seeing and for the great guidance, I'm definitely paying attention! I don't know what I'd do without you, it's helping me a great deal.--Kristine M

Dear Sherri i've become addicted to your readings each time i cant wait to watch your video. Sometimes the reading brings tears to my eyes or makes ponder coz it's so accurate so spot on. Very often i smile at you coz you are so funny so beautiful and luminous. Very often i laugh with you coz you are crazy and i love that madness in you. You are a child at heart you see magic around you and feel so happy from it. I dont say those things after each reading coz i lack time most often but tonight i've got some so i wanted you to know how much i love your authenticity your smile your beauty. Oh the light all around you. No doubt you are not alone up here. Thanks a million for sharing your mind your heart the beauty of your place it's gorgeous wonderful just like you. Take precious care. Blessings. Night time over here. Extra Love and light-- Carys S.

Thanks for your patience. Sometimes I don't understand everything. I fear my abstract/ higher thinking skills are starting to slip due to a combination of stress/age/ and too many head injuries. I think your are awesome and I love it when you give me songs! --Banjo girl


Thanks so very much for your gifts and for the confirmation of a new, challenging and rewarding experience, of which I am currently standing on the threshold. I am looking forward to everything manifesting overtime and calling you back to tell you how right you were about it all, how my successful vision has materialized and how I am now truly and independently self-employed. You are a true visionary and a gifted sage. Gratitude. -Sokoro


Connected well to the situation and the person in question.-Patti


Thanks again! I felt I was guided your way to receive this wonderful message. It was much needed--Terry Gemini


Excellent call with Sherri the other day. She was very much tuned in to the circumstances and people within my life. What I love was that I called to discuss specific matters, and yet she gave me affirmation on a different matter pertaining to financial goals and business plans, which I had never even thought to address with her. It was the perfect confirmation to the realization of my future dreams and the perfect boost I needed in order to keep forging on. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed! --Sokoro 1

She is beyond amazing a must call-- FM C Girl

Sheri is ALWAYS amazing, truly gifted....sees so much and has helped me tremendously. I will keep calling, don't know what I'd do without her. --Kristine M

Always lots of information! --Silky Doll

She's always great to talk to and how she picks up on things is awesome. I love how she channels.... she said something he always tells me " relax" lol thought it was funny. Thank you :)--Kami  

Sherri is the best. So caring and honest and exactly right about everything. She has been on point with everything. Just amazing!  --Chris

On point! Has lots of info to give. Waiting for an important message. Love the songs too! --Love 546


She saw so much.... I didn't want to stop talking to her. Definitely give her a try :) --Kami03


Sherri... hands down is amazing! There is way too much that happened in the reading to go into detail. However, my dad came forward and THAT was totally unexpected... he gave a confirming comment that he always said to me. Sherri began to cry and got goose bumps, saying this rarely happens to her (the way it moved her emotionally). I was calling for insight on my son... my dad came forward to calm me and talk me through what was happening. Sherri didn't know the details and certainly communicated what she wad being told very accurately. Thank you, Sherri. - SS. <3


 Sherri is my little angle, she has helped me so much over the last year or so god bless you  

Miss Sherri is very detailed gets to the point he doesn't waste your time or money she always hits things right on target just when i need them. that is why she is my number 1 reader. it is like that person you are asking about it sitting right there talking to you throw her. i will call again soon - AZ Happy ;)

Always enlightening, great guidance and clarity, worth every minute! I will absolutely follow the guidance I've been given and look forward to talking again. Thank you so much!  - Kristine M.

Finances are tight today- wish I could have talked longer! Sherri is great! Very fast - I like that since I am broke most of the tine! Sherri is very good! Love her to pieces! - Mem16


All I can say is Sherri is amazing, and I appreciate what you have been able to see in my situation. Your guidance has helping me so much I don't know what I would do without you like you told me to stay positive and relaxed and so much more would come to me and my life. it feels so good that so much has changed in the last week god bless you  

am so glad that I still have the chance to talk with Sherri, I love the way she does her readings as it is like the person I am asking about it talking to me throw her. with Sherri for the last year or longer I don't know where I would be today. she told me things and I still had to see things for my self I learned to trust her that the things she was picking up was right on target thank so much for being her for me-- A.Z. Happy

Wow your full of great information!!  --Bea


Great reading! A must call, she provided clarity in my situation and I look forward for what is to come. 

Approachable, honest and a must call. Sherri provides tons of insight into the situation and to things that you can't see. 

Always a go to! Tons of details, very approachable and honest.--K.W.


That was the most amazing reading today! I really needed that and it has made me so hopeful! You always wow me with what you're able to channel. I will follow your guidance and I will be checking back soon! Big hugs to you! 

Wonderful and so insightful, as always. You are always amazing to talk to, and like a trusted friend. You are able to see things so clearly. I can't wait to talk again! Gratitude--Kristine M

Tons of details and great reading. Love talking to this lady! Thanks Sherri!!! --SilkyD.

sherri, thank you so much for being here when i need a little reassurance on things. I am so thankful that we had little hick up a few months back but we where able to work throw it and you are my number 1 to go to as i feel so much at peace after talking with you. you tell it like you see it and it feels so much and so accurate to what is going on I will hold and what for that happy ending that i know is there and coming just the same as you do --Shirley

She is the best!!!!! Lots of unsolicited details....have a pen and paper ready. Ty --Thomas

Dead on. This lady has never steered me in the wrong direction. Accurate with the personality of the person I asked about. Accurate about the entire messed up situation. I have left the conversation feeling better about myself. The message that sink in after I hung up is that I really do need to appreciate myself enough to walk away from people who are only out for themselves. I deserve better than that. Thank you. --Hope 

Sherri has been helping me connect and develop my abilities on a spiritual level for over a year now and I absolutely can't get enough of her wisdom and advice. She's very quick and won't waste your time...I highly recommend her! --.Barror

There are no words for me to describe how talking to you made me feel even more amazing with my situation and what happened and can happen with what we talked about. You are one of the best! You describe everything in a way that truly makes me understand everything that's going on in my life. Call her she's outstanding and she speaks the truth. --G.Bear

Ty! Made me laugh and feel more confident about things. Sorry ran out of funds but your last statement was so on the money! Will see what happens! --Dobie

I wish I could hug you!!! Thank you again, so much. You are really, really helping me. You're amazing. I wanted to keep going, we got cut off because I ran out of funds. I will be checking back again soon! Hugs --Kristine

All I can say is once again a wonderful reading Sherri is my go to when I need a peace of mind on something that is gone on between calls She always knows what is going on she is always very accurate with things I still learning to be patient with the person I ask about A big thanks-- AZ Happy

Amazing, a true Medium, thank you so much for your kindness --Mem

Awesome reading! Sherri is always very accurate for me. Much appreciated!-  K.D.

Sorry it was short our last call u told me that I should be seeing him or talking to him soon. Well I had to call u tonight to update u that he showed up where I work this morning what is funny is he could have just walked out and not said anything to me but he came over into my department to say hello. That has broke the ice for us lets see what happens next with him My God keep blessing you to help us all in time of understanding Talk to u again soon Thank so much for all the insight and helping me see what I needed to do. You told me o should be seeing and talking to him within a a few days I will keep you posted on thing - AZ Happy

All I can say is you are amazing, and I appreciate what you have been able to see in my situation. Your guidance is helping me so much and I will be checking back again soon. I don't know what I would do without you!- K.M.

She's amazing and I love my readings with her. She's honest, sincere, amazingly accurate! Her rate is really affordable and I appreciate her true and pure intentions to help. Predictions have unfolded as predicted. I've been speaking to Sherri for nearly one year. So happy to have found her, happy holidays my darling. xoxo -Giigiiklala

wow thanks!! i wasnt expecting so many details, i wish i could remember everything.. u said he is sad, he wants better sleeping/ living arrangements, there is jealousy around him and this situation and he doesnt like it, its not what it looks like on the outside, u said quick/abrupt changes coming up that are positive, he will leave the other female... u also picked up on my career issues that gave me much confirmation, said quick changes, recognition, many projects for me to do/multitasking but i can handle it... and so much more! loved it. i will talk with u again im sure. -Aries Nation

Always fast and so many details I have to have a pen. Even sends me emails on these she tells me about for me read. Getting everything I want!!!! Things are falling into place. - Love E

Thank you Sheri Columbus for your information thank you!!! - Krisy 

She is a great reader, very detailed.- Tracy L

Thank you, Sherri for clarifying things and your psychic abilities. You're a gem! -Rose

Awesome as always and full of details!- Love E

Godsend for truth and clarity! 

Above and beyond the call of duty and always giving her best! - Jody

Always, always insightful, enlightening, and nothing short of amazing. I'm so appreciative.-Kristine


I just re read this reading. Wow, Sherri. What a powerful reading. I don't think I've had such a powerful reading in all my life! You've touched my heart like no other and it's just a beautiful reading inside and out. 


Especially the ending. My heart has never felt so much love for this man. And I didn't realize it until he left. The song fits me perfectly and us. So thank you for being he messenger for me. Such a beautiful reading!! - JoDee M

Thank you sweetie! You are a rare gem! Powerhouse! Yes! ~ Psychic Gingy

Very insightful reader. She is gifted I can say that much. Thanks so much for giving me a boost and remembering what I know. Such a great reader! ~ Sunny Lulu 

You are always filled with so much information and much of your predictions have came to pass. You are so in tune invader have to say anything which I think is pretty awesome. He deleted me off of snapchat which I found odd and didn't understand but hopefully I hear from him soon. Thank you :) ~ Kami

So many animal much information....end of October through the holidays when things move forward with T, ready for the turn of events. ~ Kimberly Marie

To my loving and colorful Humming Bird, you have touched so many points that have astounded me and placed me in a position to be all that I can be. I sensed many changes coming into play, but allowed negative energy to fade it away. I look forward to speaking to you again and I enjoyed our "spot on" conversation 100%...  ~ Mz Smiley

Excellent reading. Sherri was correct over the summer about how things would unfold and today was also very accurate. Thanks so much! ~ KD

Thank you so much Sherri for all your insight on things in my life & the person I asked about. I love the way you do your readings as it is like that other person talking to/throw you to me. thanks so much for being here for me & I am so glad that I found you a few months ago may god bless you ! ~ Az Happy

You are so amazing. I mean really, really, wonderful. You have helped me so have no idea. Everything you told me makes so much sense. I'm not imagining the connection I feel. It's not all in my head. I will be optimistic and believe in myself...and thank my body every single day from now on for allowing me to live this life. I will treat it well and appreciate everything it is doing for me. Thank you! Thank you pointing put these very important things to me. I've been taking everything for granted and that's going to stop. I will call again. - Hope

Again! Excellent & Accurate call. Really knows her stuff! The truth hurts, but, I knew it already...was just hoping I was wrong! Thank you for everything! Much love & God bless! -

Excellent & Accurate call. Really knows her stuff! The truth hurts, but, I knew it already...was just hoping I was wrong! Thank you for everything! Much love & God bless! - Victor


Five stars are not enough. Wow, incredible I could talk to her all day. I will follow all that she told me. And update.- Tracely


So much detail, you really need to take notes. Sherri is absolutely amazing. She is my absolute favourite. 

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! 5 stars are not enough. Spot on, extremely accurate, very sweet, and honest. Sherri is THE TRUTH and WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thank you Sherri. I'll be back soon. - Toshia


Amazing insight. I am making my situation a challenge when it really isn't one. Thank you so much! - Jody

Thank you, Sherri for relating messages from spirit. You're very fast yet helpful. Seems to connect very well. Thank you for your suggestions. God bless!!! - Enigma

She always has so much detail. Says I am getting what I want. Sit back and relax. Don't give my energy to this. Do for myself , things are working behind the scenes. Things are better in a few months. - Wowzers1

I can't enough of Sherri...she speaks and I listen. She is that amazing. One call and she will become your favourite. Details and lots of them...keep a notepad...because she has a lot of details and they come at you fast. - Tracy

Gives you the most amazing information and relays messages before you even ask the question....very gifted!!!?? - T

I love talking with Sherri....she cuts right to the important matters and doesn't tell you things just to talk....good or bad-- you'll know it. Sherri told me K would contact me and he'd come back....well if last night was any reflection of that we're headed in the right direction. He called like Sherri predicted and we spoke about all of our issues for 5 hours! Thank you Sherri!! AMAZING - T

Great reading Sherri u picked on the situation with C perfectly I love the way u tell what what the spirit is saying to u about everything. Either way it was accurate and I will be calling u again to reassure what u said. I have a lot of soul searching to do so I'm going to listen to the imformation u gave me and give this some space. Thank you - Private

Sherri doesn't waste your time and is straight to the point...her messages are clear and precise...She connects quickly and gives you ALOT of information LISTEN to her, you won't be sorry!! Highly recommend her! - Tasha

Love this woman! Quick fun and accurate. I did meet the man in question for drinks on Thursday. Hoping to connect with you soon to see what he thought of the experience. - Kimmy

Oh my gosh. Really, what can I say but amazing. Sherri grounds me when I start to doubt what I know in my heart is true. Sometimes I just need a little reminder that I'm on the right path. Thank you for everything that you do. You are very much appreciated Sherri. I will call again with an update. - Hopeful


Sherri, you shared so much with me within the time spent over the phone. You could be charging 5 times more for your services but you make it so affordable for us! Most importantly, you love what you do, and I witnessed it firsthand today! Guys, I had such an AWESOME reading from Sherri today! She was very impressive and accurate from the start! Thanks for providing me with sound advice on how to handle my situation(s) and advice on how to more aware of nature's voice! You were "spot on" in everyway! Every minute with you over the phone was received with love and gratefulness! You are a phenomenal reader, Reiki master, light, love, and freaking down to earth!!! Thank you for going through your pain first so that you can help us through our struggles! :) 

Move love, peace, and blessingsto you always! - Curt

AMAZZZING! Absolutely love her!!!! 

Thank you so much! Your reading was amazing. It meant so much to me and R was everything I needed to hear. You are so wonderful, thank you! - Gigiklala


I just love Sherri! She is the real deal...possessing the gifts of adept insight, delivered with guidance and love. She truly cares about those she speaks with and it shows. She receives and delivers her messages quickly so be ready. It's amazing how she seems to know things about me and those in my life without my ever telling her. Sherri is a truly authentic human being and I have a lot of fun when I talk with her....just wish I could budget it longer because it's so hard to end those calls with her (the messages just don't stop once she gets started). I highly recommend her! - Major Birdy


I love how Sherri is able to read the men in my life like an open book. When she provides readings for me, it's like she is truly seeing into their hearts, minds and souls. I know she is seeing the people in question clearly, as she reads them so accurately. Give her a call. You won't regret it! - Sokoro


Such an AMAZING reading; very impressive and accurate. Thanks for providing me with sound advice on how to handle the situation. I've got to show my guy some tough love without losing sight of the goal or giving up hope. I will withdraw my energy starting from this moment, and I will keep you posted with how this situation finally unravels. Wish I could have talked with you longer. You are phenomenal! 



You are amazing and when my heart started to hurt and I didn't make you aware I could hear your voice tremble. I had been crying on the inside because what you were saying was more than accurate and there is no way you could've known I possibly pray to archangel Michael. He is the angel I ask to help me to take away the pain. Not just in love but in everything! You are amazing, what you say is so clear and through my soul. You are absolutely the real deal! Thank you so much for being there for me! If I could hug you I would, I'm sure you know. Again amillion stars and thank you so much! Namaste <3 --Kami


First time reading with Sherri wow this lady is amazing she told me everything thing that was on point with my guy and she was absolutely on point with this reading I never had advisor that gave me actually every thing so accurate she told me tocontinue to think positive thoughts of him cause he feeds off my energy and me and him r going to move forward together when this comes to path Sherri I will definitely updated with u 100 star she is a Excellent reader thank u--76


Sherri was informative and direct. She spoke fast... getting a lot of information in my time limit. She talked about things specifically going on in my life that affirmed all of the other information she gave me. Excellent guidance... Nice talking to you, Sherri! <3


I'm fascinated with Sherri, and I wish I could have talked with her forever. WOW, so much intuitiveness into my situation, it was unprecedented, as if she were reading my guy like a book. She saw him just the way he is, strong, proud and capable, but very gentle and soft in the inside. I always joke that he's a marshmallow and quite sensitive. I will take the advice of the spirits and not give up, be patient, but channel all the love, warmth and serenity to myself, then hopefully I can in return spread some in his direction. Great reading! --Sokoro


Sherri it was an awesome reading filled with details, insight, confirmations, and much needed messages. Thank you so much! I will return for an update. 



Due to an unfortunate combination of bad choices and ill intent by another party, I found myself in desperate need of both physical and spiritual healing. Shortly after relating my story to Sherri, she was immediately able to intuitively identify both the cause and the treatment necessary to bring me back into balance. I’m not even sure if I fully understand how Reiki Healing works... but all I know is that when she sent it to me, my body had the sensation of going over the first drop of a roller coaster. It felt very powerful and I immediately felt goosebumps and the hair on my arms stood up. My body then fell into a state of complete calm [I didn’t want to move... I was melting into the couch]. She immediately followed that up with information on cord cutting and some very helpful advice regarding protecting myself from any future psychic attacks. I truly felt that she totally immersed herself into my treatment and I would not hesitate to contact her again regarding any future issues. Thank you Sherri!


I love the messages that Sherri provides. Most of it connects right away on the call and other messages take a day or so to show themselves in my surroundings but always accurate. She was very spot on with everything tonight. Thank you so much! 



Wow!!!!!! Completely blew me away!!! You are simply amazing with your insight. So quick and such an abundance of interesting and eye opening information. Songs of focus which speak volumes. Amazing!! 



WOW! I am so in AWE! She was OUTSTANDING! I did not have to reveal much yet she was able to envision everything that has transpired recently with a new job prospect and all that has yet to be with such clarity that it BLEW ME AWAY! I am so GRATEFUL for her in-depth insights and affirmations that supports my moving forward with my dreams and goals now in new and value-added ways! WOW! She deserves 10 million stars! 



AMAZING ! Very Strong Reader. I highly recommend ! 



Everything she predicted before came to pass and so I am grateful for her assessment of the situation then as well as now! Her insights and advice are spot on! 10 stars! 

-- Oakland


Sherri is truly exceptional! I get so stressed and I call because I know her messages are real. She picked up so much she would have no way of knowing. I feel so blessed to be able to connect with her. Absolutely real deal! Love readings with her. Thank you!  



Thank you Sherri! A lot of information. I call upon the archangels that you mentioned for help. Raguel & Michael. She's awesome! 

-- Kiwi


Powerful, potent, full of invaluable information that needs to be channeled for the greater good and fulfillment of happiness. Sherri has a beautiful and impactful gift that changes lives for the better. Advice to be heeded!!! 



She absolutely rocks. Accuracy knocks me off my feet..thank u Sheri and will kick back and knowing things and happiness is just around the corner... Seriously best!



Sheri is hands down the best reader! She is a straight shooter who puts her clients always first. She is insightful, accurate and able to pick up things other readers cannot. She is ethical and will not tell fairy tales or give false hope. She has been guiding me with a very difficult reconnect and I trust her completely. She is my go to person. Call her, you will be better off for it.  



Thank you☆Thank-you☆Thank☆you☆ for blessing me with your gifts! You my lovely are a true light worker, sent to this earth to awaken, and guide many. I am honored to have spirit bring you to me. I would recommend you to anyone♡ If anyone ever gets the blessing to ever get a reading from Sherri, I highly recommend it♡ Life changing♡♡for myself and my son! Blessings :)



Very quick, gave accurate information and validation. Straight forward and tells you exactly what you need to hear, well connected with your spirit guides. Always gives clarity and A peace of mind.



Thank you so much Sherri, I always love talking with you. 



Amazing, incredibly accurate You need to ask her to slow down to be able to comprehend all she has to say. Present your questions, then LISTEN with no interruption, when she reads and is done, ask another question and LISTEN. Call her again, and again until your ready to hear the truth and listen, and eventually hopefully you'll get it. She will give you spiritual connection, but she's not a miracle worker to solve all your problems, but will get you in the right path you need to take. Take responsibility and listen and do your part to achieve what you are trying to seek. She's good, damn good, thank you Sherri.



She absolutely rocks. Accuracy knocks me off my feet..thank u Sheri and will kick back and knowing things and happiness is just around the corner... Seriously best! 



Never have I ever experienced such a complete in depth no nonsense clear, concise, and detailed reading like this one. She is phenomenal and my initial reaction was WOW! She is non stop info and it was my honor truly to speak with her.



thank you so much for a wonderful reading i will follow your advice and i will listen and be patient wow i was really blown away thank you i will call again.



I've used a fair number of Advisors across many years. While on some points, what Sherri said didn't seem immediately on point ... upon reflection, she was spot on. On many points, it was uncanny on how she kept getting a repeated message which is exactly what I needed to know; and hadn't been paying attention to. Even more amazing, with a minute left, I asked if there's anything the Universe wanted me to know, she mentioned "detox" ... and I JUST started one today. Recommended.



A lot of info in a short time! Very nice lady and gave excellent advise on how to ask for what I need. Thank you Sherri!



Sensational! DEFINITELY time well spent!!! She was SPOT ON WITHOUT ANY INSIGHT from me other than my initial question. THANK YOU SHERRI!!!



AWESOME READING! Sherri was definitely connected to me and my situations. She gave me direct messages from spirit and very specific and detailed. She told me what I needed to know as well as learn!



Sherri has a really interesting way of reading and I really like it. I felt like the messages she got are really accurate and organic and not fake or what I want to hear. Sometimes the meaning was really obvious and others really connect with different parts of our relationship no one would know. I found it really interesting she mentioned Archangel Raphael and I had spent today at the beach and did a healing meditation with Archangel Raphael. Thank you!




Sherri - I cannot thank you enough for the detailed reading you provided! Each message helped to provide clarity, insight & hope. I also appreciate the affirmations that were provided. I'm so thankful I reached out to you. Your prompt, concise & detailed message is incredibly appreciated.



Thank you Sheri! Both messages very much resonated with me! You are truly gifted!

—Kerry B.


Happy Birthday Sherri! Hope it has been a most wonderful day filled with love and beauty and joy. The reading was spot on, of course you know that haha. It was precise, emotional, and a reminder of what I know and confirmation, or another sign, to move forward into greatness hahaha. I thank you for the videos, though I haven't listened to them just yet, but will definitely do them this week as I just reread that part and got to get moving. Got to do the work "You must take the time to truly be yourself." I have done the first one before and it is very cleansing.

—AA Michael


For those of you that have not had a reading with Sherry I encourage you to do so... She is gifted to tap into the spirit world brining wonderful messages to you from the other side... Gift yourself a session with her letting her spirit move through you in a beautiful way...

—Joseph White Wolf


I’m not usually inclined to do something like having a reading but couldn’t be more grateful or thankful that I found Sherri to do one for me. It was incredibly specific and I could feel the truth in it. Totally worth doing!



For those of you who have been guided somehow, some way to Sherri's website and/or social media, welcome. Sherri is truly guided by the angels and our higher selves to reveal to us those messages that matter most, in a loving yet powerful way. The guidance comes clearly as if you had been chatting about these things beforehand along with, if needed, actions to take for a happier, healthier life and/or circumstance. You will be relieved and/or shocked at the accuracy and pleased that you decided to take time for yourself and go forth with a reading that is guided by your highest self and the angels.



Thank you so much for my reading. I was not sure what to expect as we have never met. Boy, I should not have worried, it was like you have known me for a lifetime. Everything you told me is everything I have and/or need to work on! I look forward to doing another one soon!

​—Nancy L. Meade

I have known Sherri Columbus, a.k.a. Angels Whisper, for several years now. Many times I have seen her posting free readings for people on the spur of the moment. She has a heart of gold and a caring personality. Her gifts of the spirit are quite profound and her readers are always guided to answers they might not have come to know without her guidance. I am honored to call her friend and anyone who comes to her for spiritual guidance will be blessed indeed. I highly recommend this gifted spirit to all who seek to know the depths of their soul. Thanks, Sherri, for all your posts and wisdom.

​—Dean A. Banks, D.D.

I do believe Sherri has awakened with love and a positive energy field around her as she offers helpful readings, and sending out messages of peace, love and gratitude as she harmonizes with everything. Those that read her facebook postings, get an idea of who she really is, I am led to believe an angel of sunshine.

Peaceful Inhabitant

Sherri Columbus (aka Angels Whisper) is a light-worker who is genuine in every sense of the word. I have witnessed her mindfulness and followed her journey as she watches for signs, signals and messages from animals, Angels and nature that have led her from California to Wisconsin to Arizona; and who knows where next...Sherri is a true free spirit who has opened my eyes and mind to the endless possibilities that are right in front of me if I just open my eyes, ears and heart and trust in these messages. From full moon cleanses to animal totems, angel messages and more, I have learned so much and can't wait start this new year with a personal reading from Sherri.

In my eyes, Sherri you are amazing as you have fine tuned the gifts that spirit has given you, and embraced these gifts … spirit’s messages to help others. I can not tell you how many times I have read your posts and find that this particular message was meant for me. When I was afraid of my own gifts, you taught me to embrace them instead of blocking them. Every doubt I had, you seemed to know as Spirit would have a message for me that pertained exactly to the question I had without me even telling you. You are blessed and truly in service to others… I think of you as my strong yet gentle, kind, compassionate beautiful in heart, mind, body and soul ... my own Earth Angel I am blessed to know. Love you so …


I would recommend Sherri to anyone. She is someone that truly believes in the gift she has been blessed with and really wants to help others. I have had several messages from my angels passed to me from Sherri and in each reading and message it was exactly right on.
 —Cheryl S.

Sherri is wonderful! She is compassionate, loving and her messages are exactly what my spirit needs! She really is an Angel!


Sherri Columbus has outstanding spunk! She is professional to the core and honors each client to the fullest capacity. Her divine gifts make her someone to be sought again and again. God has surely blessed her and continues to bless those her are blessed by her gifts and presence.


It's amazing how much my thoughts and experiences always correlate so well with your guidance and insight I seek from you. It always seems that you are right on key whenever I ask for your assistance. I just want to thank you again for being so loving and thoughtful and always having my best of intentions in mind. I know I can always come to you for anything I may have questions. Thank you for all you do.



Sherri, thanks so much for always being so on target with your intuitive insights and spiritual guidance. You're so accurate for me as well as others. Your zest for all things positive in life is catching!! Many times I might be struggling with something and your positive insights help me refocus on the positives again. Many blessings are sent your way and thanks for being such a compassionate and caring soul.


Thank you Sherri Columbus for you and all you do...You are amazingly blessed and are a true gift. You, sharing your talents is so very much appreciated I love your intuition, "right-on" readings, divine guidance, and deep connectedness. I LOVE your free spirit, radiating beauty and connection to life and nature which is so magnetizing and uplifting, thank you! May this be the your best year yet!



I have read thru my reading several times already and shall reread it several more times before bedtime tonight . WOW !!!! I am speechless--spirit was truly working thru you in a very powerful way!! I am simply amazed at how spot on my reading was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart . I am feeling such gratitude! Much love to you.



Happy Monday morning to you Sherri!

I am still basking in the glow of the fantastic reading I received from you yesterday . It brought me such peace and allowed me to let go of some worries and anxieties that were plaguing me. May your week be an especially blessed one! Much love.



Hi Sherri, Everything the spirit guides mentioned is what I'm dealing with at moment. Everything is clear now. Thank you & sending you a big hug!



Thank you so much! Lots to think about . Basically nailed it for me!! But what I needed to hear. It still amazes me how spirit works. It shouldn't as it makes so much sense but yet it still does! Thank you kindly!



You're so amazing, Sherri! Your reading was so accurate and right on. Thank you so much for your blessing and guidance. I'm going through a tough time right now. But your reading really gave me strength and faith that I have made the right decision and everything is going to be alright! I am so happy I crossed paths with you. You truly are my spiritual guide. Thank you Sherri for sharing your blessings and gift with me!!!


Thanks so much for my reading Sherri! You truly have a gift! We have never met or never even talked to each other and yet the 2 readings you have done for me are so right on the mark! Spirit guided you to things I wasn't even fully aware of. But as I sat quietly and thought about my reading the light bulbs went on in my head! I can't thank you enough! I will be back for more readings to be sure! Love and blessings to you.

Kerry S.


Thank you for your prompt reading..... Being in the middle of my own turmoil right now your reading brought to me the truth that I have to face. It has given me renewed strength to re motivate myself to keep going and keep doing the things that I love the most. It has reminded me that that spirits and angels do look out for me and protect me every time I need to be. Yes at times I forget all about this and want just what I want without realising that it is not always the best thing for me and your reading has brought me back to reality.... My pain of loss is not over yet but reading and re reading these words gives me more and more strength each time.... you have never let me down Sherri. I look at each of your messages each day on face book and was drawn to you at my most needy time. Thank you Sherri!!! May the spirit and angels never leave you and continue to give you the grandest ability to send their message to whomever needs to hear it. Much love to you always!


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