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Life Coaching For The Newly Awakened Individual

A Bit Of My Story

When I was awakened a little over 9 years ago, I had NO idea what was going on! I had strange things happening to my body, my mind & my sight! I had NO one that I could talk to because I was raised in a VERY religious household & they would have thought what I was experiencing as demonic. I struggled my way through, doing as much research as I could, of course with the help of Spirit, but it was HARD on me!


Thought it was frightening, I was determined to understand what was happening & pursued every spiritual connection I had on Facebook. What I wish I had was someone I could have turned to to help guide me through what was happening to me. Someone that would assure me that there was nothing to fear & to give me tips on what I could do to not only make the whole process easier, but also to help me protect myself as I progressed.

Pricing For Spiritual Life Coaching & Guidance Bundles as follows! ;) :

"Touch Base" sessions;

15 min 3 times a week;  $111.11

"Touch Down" Sessions;

1/2 Hr 3 times a week; $177.77

"Lets Take A Good Look" Sessions;

1 Hour Bi-Monthly; $233.33

Pre paid Commitment Prior To First Session.

This is an ONGOING commitment. Minimum of 6 sections.

Lets DO This!! :)

 I am offering guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching to ones who would like to benefit from my experience :)

We would do this most preferably, on a voice call.  I would not suggest email, as voice inflection is very, important :)

We COULD also do this in a Video Recorded session.

I would suggest that you choose an amount of time that you would like on a trial run through, to see how you feel we interact. Then once you feel ready, we can set up your sessions!
Once you have chosen the amount of time you would like to commit to, please go to PAYMENT OPTIONS. This will lead you to my Paypal account & I will be notified once you have paid.
I am very prompt in my responses & will set up a time for us to commence! :)

I look forward to working with you! How exciting that you have chosen to advance in your Spiritual Development! :)

Blessings, Sherri ;) ^j^

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