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  Organic Apothecary            Wellness  Line

Hello Soul Family!


I am SUPER excited to release the latest editions to my "Angels Whisper Organic Apothecary Wellness Line"!

Super, Loaded Face, Neck & Chest Elixir! $39.95

Silver Solution infused with Dozens of Pure, Organic, Essential Oils!

Super All Over Body Elixir Spray In Chamomile Carrier! 4 fl Oz $24.95

2 fl Oz $15.95 

Immune System Boosters of All Types!

Nose drops 2 oz Dropper $15.95

Lip Balm $12.95  Mouth, Teeth & Throat Sprays 4 fl Oz $24.95 & 2 fl Oz $15.95 

Coming Soon!


Hello Soul Family!

I am SUPER excited to release the latest editions to my "Angels Whisper Organic Apothecary Wellness Line"!

Super Loaded & Power Packed, INVIGORATING & Energizing Face, Neck, Chest & Foot Scrub!

Made with Silver Solution, & 13 Essential Oil & Flower Essences & Pink Himalayan Salt

A choice of Normal, Dry, Aged or Skin Problems $29.99 US

Bed & Linen Sprays!

​* Silver Solution, Essential Oil & Flower Essence- Bed & Sheet Sprays

2oz. $15.99 US

4oz $$22.99 US

All Natural Cleaning Power Drops!

* Silver Solution, Essential Oils & Flower Essence- Power Potion Droppers to add to your white vinegar, for household sanitizing and cleaning that will eradicate pathogens! 2 oz $19.99 US


Aromatherapy Silver & Essential Oil Infused Candles To Boost Your Immune System, Combat Smoking, Dinking, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Over Eating, Anxiety, Anger, Sadness, Sexual Dysfunction, Relationship Issues, Self Love, Sexual Performance, Confidence, Abundance, Concentration, Connecting to Higher Self & Spirit Etc! Will Create Orders To Suit ANY & EVERYONES Needs! 💗✨🌿✨🧜🏻‍♀️✨🍃✨💗

These products are "especially" vital for any household during these troubled times!

This structured silver solution will not build up in the body the way other forms of silver solution have been scientifically proven to do. It is effective against pathogens and is water soluble.

It has no side effects, and will not harm probiotics as other silver products can.

It can be used as a bonafide, hand sanitizer, fortified with organic essential oils, to help protect against airborne contaminants for up to 4 HOURS! It contains no alcohol, that will dry out the skin and evaporate!

This structured Silver Solution can be used as a nose gel to help protect against airborne contaminants for up to 4 hours! Eliminating the need to wear a face mask!

I use this Silver Solution in mine and my cats water daily. 

I use it daily as a hand sanitizer, therapeutically fortified with a variety of pure organic essential oils. 

I use it  to brush my teeth and in a mouthwash daily. It is not only safe, but is "advised" to be swallowed, as what is being swallowed is 35 mmp to protect the immune system!

Most diseases occur in the oral cavity, so therefore, if you have an antimicrobial gel to brush your teeth, you are then eliminating pathogens in the oral cavity!

I use it to control the skin allergies my cats previously suffered from.

The veterinarian could only prescribe me antibiotics for them, which would ultimately attack their own natural defense system. 

It can be used in a vaporizer or a nebulizer, as the hospitals use it, to help asthma, which my little cat Sami suffers from. 

The vet could only give him steroids, which would ultimately kill him.

I use it several times a day, daily on my face, as a therapeutic spritz, containing pure organic, Frankincense, Rose hip Seed, Ylang Ylang, and jasmine essential oils. Essential oils are known for not only their medicinal benefits, but, also their moisturizing and healing benefits for the entire body, not to mention their incredible soothing, calming, invigorating, scents!

I use the Silver Solution with aloe, fortified with pure organic essential oils, on my private body parts, underarms, and feet, daily, as it kills odor producing bacteria!

I use it on any cut, burn, wound or abrasions. (I get cactus needles stuck in my skin all the time hiking out here in Sedona, which used to cause infections. No more!) 

I use the Silver Solution with aloe, after shaving, as it is soothing and eliminates any razor burn.

The hospital used it on my daughters surgery site after surgery, to prevent scaring and to promote a speedier healing. 

It is literally safe to be used "in" an open wound ,in the pure form with aloe!

                                                                   ~Healing Potions For Our Soul Family! ~


                                                                  "Light & Love Angel Spray"

                                                            Silver Solution Combined With 7 Specific                                                                            Pure Organic Essential Oils in a Chamomile                                                                      Carrier, Spray $19.95

                                                            Can Be Used to combat;  Menopause,                                                                                  Diabetes & hot flashes.

                                                             "Aura Elixir"

                                                             Silver Solution Combined With 7 Specific Pure                                                                   Organic Essential Oils Roller $19.95

                                                             Boosts your Physical, Emotional & Spiritual                                                                       Immune Systems


                                                              "Fairy Water"

                                                              Silver Solution Combined With 7 Specific Pure                                                                  Organic Essential Oils Dropper $19.95

                                                              Reconnects you to your inner Fairy! Your                                                                            childlike sense of wonder, excitement & play-                                                                    where you can shoot for the moon and be given                                                                  the stars!


                                                             "I Am Not Afraid Of Change"

                                                             Silver Solution Combined With 7 Specific Pure                                                                   Organic Essential Oils Roller $19.95

                                                             Can be used to combat;

                                                               Fibromyalgia, Smoking, Depression, Osteoarthritis,

                                                               Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol

                                                             "A Magnet For Miracles"

                                                              Silver Solution Combined With 6 Specific Pure                                                                 Organic Essential Oils Roller $19.95

                                                             Can be used to combat;

                                                             High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure,                                                                               Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE Lupus,                                                                                       Fibromyalgia, Heart Pre Atrial Contractions,                                                                    Sjogrens Syndrome, Anxiety & Depression  

                                                                   "Power Potion" 

                                                                   Silver Solution Combined With 8 Specific Pure                                                                  Organic Essential Oils Roller $19.95

                                                                   Can be used to combat;

                                                                PTSD Complex, High anxiety, Clinical                                                                                    depression, Smoking, Chronic muscle & chronic                                                                      nerve pain, Spondylosis disc disease                                                                   

                                                                "I Am Not Alone"

                                                                Silver Solution Combined With 10 Specific Pure                                                               Organic Essential Oils Roller $19.95

                                                               Can be used to combat;

                                                               Abandonment Issues, Build up a sense of personal                                                                   Power, Raise Self esteem, & Self worth, Raise                                                                          Confidence                                                               

Different Issues We Might Deal With That Silver Solution Infused With Essential Oils Will Help You Deal With;

Why me? Why do I feel alone? Deserted? Abandoned? Many sources can trigger these feelings of abandonment. There could be relationship split, a death of a loved one or pet, job loss, an ending or change to a role or loss of a body part or limb. Abandonment is experienced differently depending on the person and situation. However, you are not completely alone. There are some common denominator emotions experienced by all who feel abandoned.

  • Lonely

  • Rejected

  • Deserted

  • Betrayed

  • Unloved

  • Forgotten

  • Angry

  • Worthless or feeling I am not good enough

  • Something is wrong with me

When you are used to having something or someone in your life, it is hard to cope or function when they or it is missing. You wake u in the morning forgetting, and it or they are not there anymore. You can’t reach out and connect with them. You can’t resolve any unresolved issues. How do you cope? Well, now "you" are the one who needs to fill that void and make yourself whole again. It's not going to be an overnight success takes time.

Time can help. But what  about "right now"?  It's 1 step at a time, 1 foot forward, each day, one day at a time. One situation at a time. Take one step, make one decision, embrace the memories and focus on the future and allow the positive memories to propel you forward following the ever present guidance steps Spirit will assuredly give you.

Relationship splits;

In a relationship, you get used to having that person around. You can call them anytime you want and make plans. However, when there is a separation or split, this is type of loss. It can also trigger other emotions such as betrayal, resentment, bitterness, anger, fear and grief. It's incredible how the ego mind can interpret things! Why is that person not around anymore? What lessons can you learn about yourself, to make you stronger and more connected to your authentic self?

Silver Solution Infused With Specific Essential Oils Can Address, Help & Heal You <3

What about the death of a loved  one or pet? I know first hand with both, how devastating that is! 

When you lose a someone you care about, like a parent, spouse, sibling, relative, friend or pet, it can put you in a state of shock. You feel sad, distraught, dazed and forever changed. It is hard to imagine life without them. If you could only have one more conversation, and time to create one more memory. Honor them. Remember them. Reminisce about their laugh, legacy and moments that they expressed their true authentic self.  Sometimes those are good memories, and sometimes they are not as happy.  Nonetheless, honor their presence and contributions they made to your life.

What about endings or change? Such as A job loss, retirement, a divorce/ the end to a foster arrangement, where you are no longer the step parent to one you loved and helped raise? Moving jobs, homes, etc...

Many people define themselves by their role of a particular job, who they are in their family or at work. For example, a caretaker, mom, dad, secretary, employer, employee, friend, and so on.  It is as if their only existence is to fulfill that role. Who they are authentically, and who they are supposed to be to or for others, merge into one. This creates a separation of self, which can cause a loss of identity. When a role that you have bene doing for a while is taken away, you feel lost, invalid and useless. What are you suppose to do now?  Who are you? Who do you want to be? A plethora of emotions can emerge that feed into that sense of abandonment.

Silver Solution Infused With Specific Essential Oils, can help one adjust to change, accept a new role, shift or even a reassignment in career

What if you have the loss of a limb, organ or body part, due to an accident of some kind, illness etc?

Phantom limb is a real condition. Soldiers and accident victims experience the loss of a limb, or body part.Myself I feel the Phantom Pain of my Spiritual Twin. It isn't even MY body but the pain is REAL! An empath may FEEL this pain!

Silver Solution With Specific Essential oils can help one deal with the shock of losing a body part and cope with the sensation that the part is still there.

Now Offering Pure Organic;

Nose Gel-

Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, Thieves, Grapefruit, and Clove Bud.

Hand Sanitizer fortified with your choice of a variety of assorted, pure, organic, essential oils.

Assorted, pure organic, essential oil, spray, Foot, Under Arm, and Private Body Parts Gel.

Pure Organic, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon leaf, Lemongrass, Lime,Grapefruit Tooth Gel.

Assorted Mouth & Throat Spray with therapeutically fortified, pure, organic, essential oils. 

(Peppermint, spearmint, Orange, Lime, Cinnamon leaf, Lemmon grass, Clove bud)

Antimicrobial Pure Organic Essential Oil Diffuser Solution.

(CAUTION: Certain essential oils are harmful to pets) 

Custom orders made on request

Stay Tuned! More to come!! ;)



Like Branches on a tree

We grow in different directions

Yet our roots remain as


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Super Loaded & Power Packed, INVIGORATING &         Energizing Face, Neck, Chest & Foot Scrub! <3

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