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    EXAMPLE of how I will do your Reading :)                                          





I prefer to record my Readings, unless otherwise requested. They will be published to Youtube set to "PRIVATE". I then will send you the link. The Readings will be kept there allowing you to revisit the Reading as many times as you'd like. In Video Recorded Readings, you clearly have a more personal Reading, with a Visual, as well as the opportunity to experience any animal messengers who arrive while I am doing the Reading :) 

You will choose the amount of time you would like me to work with  you.

Once you have chosen, you will go to PAYMENT/DONATIONS which will lead you to my Pay pal account.

I will be notified once Pay pal receives your payment.

Please write to my email address to discuss what you would like to address. I will then fit you into my schedule A.S.A.P I generally am able to complete the readings within two days time.


I would like to know which direction you'd like to go in, such as Relationships/Love life/Health/ Career, etc.

What I would like to do is to get a gauge of what level of understanding you are currently at.


You are newly awakening to your Spiritual path. Curious but not too familiar with spiritual terms & ideas.


You have been somewhat involved already in moving forward on your Spiritual path, with a general knowledge.


You are well along your path to ascension having learned many lessons, with the knowledge & ability to integrate your spiritual knowledge in your life, but require an outside perspective.

*As we know as fellow light~bearers, sometimes, though we are very adept in helping others, sometimes we aren't able to see our own lesson or message as clearly. Or perhaps you are simply looking for confirmation of what Spirit & your own Higher self have given you.


This will help me to ascertain the terms I will use, as well as which tools I will use to deliver your messages to you :)

I will then work with the tools that I am guided to use, along with messages that Spirit channels to me.





Pricing as follows:      NOTE:

1 Hr Reading;         NO REFUNDS

                          PAYMENT REQUIRED

                                   UP FRONT

$ 122.22 USD   

45 Min;


1/2 Hr;           

$ 77.77 USD  

15 minutes; 

 $ 44.44 USD

10 Min $27.77

 Long Distance Reiki Healing;

$77.00 USD
















           ~ Couples Reading ~


       15 Minutes;


       1/2 Hr;


       1Hr;               NOTE:

       $183.33 .     No Refunds

I consider this work my greatest honor, and I look forward to working with Spirit to bring these important messages to you. 


To be CLEAR; This is "guidance" coming to you from Spirit, as well as direction and ways to incorporate what Spirit is sharing with you.

I don't need your birth date, I am not a numerologist.

If I am emailing you your Reading, I will need your private email address. I am VERY prompt in both getting back to you to set up Readings, as well as in doing the actual Readings :)

To set up a READING PLEASE email me at

Please go to PAYMENT/DONATIONS on my site here. It is the last heading :) Paypal account :)


NOTE: No money will be refunded. Cancelations for Life Coaching Appointments must have a 24 hours notice unless I AM able to fit you in somewhere else during the day. 

Blessings on your journey, Sherri ;) 

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