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  Healing Jewelry For Your             Little Jewel & You!!
             Reiki Charged Crystal

                          Parent & Pet Jewelry!            















 Parent Diffuser Bracelet  $25- $35 US Plus Shipping

  Childs Reiki Charged Crystal Diffuser bracelet $20 US Plus Shipping


Crystals aren't Just Good For YOU!

       Your Pet Needs Them Too!




















                                                                                       $30 Sz Small 12"                                                                                         

                                                                                      Lily is Modeling

                                                                            "Freedom & Transformation"




                                                                                      * NO REFUNDS *  

                                                                                      * ALL SALES FINAL*





"Freedom & Transformation"
Sample Small Pet Necklace $ 30.00 USD Plus Shipping

Ocean Agate With Silver Accents & Glass Beads





                Liger is Modeling

               "Now THATS A Catch!"

               Large Pet Necklace Sample $35.00 US Plus Shipping

               Lava Stone & Rutilated Agate with Metal Accents 


With any issues I have had regarding emotional well being or physical health Spirit has always said "Use your natural healing abilities!" As a Reiki Master, I have consistently used this healing method with both of my pets as well as on my loved ones. It HAS worked!

          But, I have other healing tools I use for myself as well...                                                            CRYSTALS! 

I wear crystals for not only their beauty but their healing effects. I have them placed around my home, out on my patio, and in my plant pots.

I knew it would also help Lily work through whatever her issues she was still dealing with.

Before choosing the crystals that would be best for her, using my pendulum, I asked if she had still any unhealthy attachments. I received "Yes" as my answer. I scanned her whole body and found it was only her stomach area that she still had an attachment.

So, with the assistance of Archangel Metatron we cleared and balanced her Chakras.

I then called in Archangel Michael, and with his assistance, removed any remaining attachments.

Now to choose the crystals best for her!

We immediately went to amethyst for all around healing!

Carnelian was chosen to stimulate her appetite and literally placed in her water bowl along with,Lapis Lazuli for respiratory issues, detoxifying, dietary assimilation, & enhancing the energy flow, Selenite which aids with any type of cancer, and is used for serious illnesses, & detoxification.

I have also Rose Quartz which aids with animals who have been abused. It also to herself-love. It helps with emotional detoxification hence reduces eating disorders.

And last but NOT least I chose a Clear Quartz Crystal which I have programed for her over all health & happiness! :)

Of course Liger was NOT left out in this healing action! He received in HIS water just what he needed too!

Crystals are very powerful so before introducing crystals to your pets check with them to see if they can handle the energy. Then begin by placing crystals around where you pet hangs out :)

Right now Lily is wearing a necklace of mixed agate stones. It was a bracelet of mine that was too large for my wrist but fits her little neck comfortably and isn't too heavy.

Agate provides her with nourishment on a fundamental level. It is especially helpful for animals who live in an urban environment or who have a somewhat limited access to the nature and the outdoors. Agate improves coordination among all parts of an animal’s body and can help your pet adapt more easily to any new environment.


"On days when my pet seems weary, Agate provides a gently energizing rest. It's like a walk in the woods, without the walk."

And THAT my friends is EXACTLY what she needs isn't it?!

Which healing crystal would you like to treat your little Prince or Princess with? :)

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