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Hello, my name is Sherri Columbus

I am an Intuitive Counselor. I channel messages from spirit. I am a Certified Reiki Master and am also educated in Dream Analysis. I am a light-worker and my "job" is to draw people back to Spirit, or Source, or whomever it is to you, to help you learn to trust and follow your "own" higher knowledge/intuition in conjunction with the messages and guidance we are all given daily by that higher source, to help us along our path.

I am given the gift of "Clairsentience" where I "feel" the message and energy of the person I'm with. As well as "Clair cognizance" which means I have a sort of "knowing" of things. As well as this I was led by Spirit to work with my hands as a healer. I am a Channel that has the honor of allowing my body and mind to be used as a mechanism for Spirit to bring information or healing energy to others. I experience sensations of prickles or chills throughout my face and body when I am being communicated with.




Music and song is a also a medium that is used to communicate messages to me. I am also a Shaman and work VERY, closely with our many, Spirit Animals or Animal Totems. I have always been in very, close communication with the natural world and all of nature speaks loudly to me on a daily basis, allowing me to incorporate the messages the Spirit brings to me through these mediums and many others! This is not my "work" this is my LIFE and I LOVE what I have been honored and blessed to do!​


Blessings, Sherri ;) ^j^

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