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"OMG! Are Your Ready?! For A Date With Destiny?! The Winning Ticket?! Your Lover?! Get Excited!" 


Our Deck; Spirit of the Animals, Oracle of Shadows & Light, Divine Circus

Our Cards; A Date With Destiny, Moose Wisdom, Winged Seer, Hummingbird Messenger, Lady Luck, Hawk Wisdom, The Lantern Fairy, Strange Valentine, Lizard Regeneration


Time Stamped;

9 Min 39 Secs- Captain HooksLanding

30 Min 23 Secs- Tonka Trucks

51 Min 40 Secs- Dreaming With Dragonflies Cove

1 Hr 08 Min- The Lake Birds


My Favorite little Lover Mr. Grebe! A symbol of perseverance and fearlessness. In Celtic mythology the grebe is a guardian of the spirit world. The grebe will help in seeing beauty in the mundane.


Starling Totem Says: 'Stop putting off those things you know you have to do, get them done now, rather than not at all. Become like the starling, a survivor and a fierce competitor in all that you do".


Starling teaches how to behave within a group setting - how to be effective and assertive without becoming a bully. Communication is important to Starling people; however, you must be careful what you say, for people may take it incorrectly or blow it out of proportion. Watch your own sensitivity to other's words. You might be reading more into it that is truly there. By learning Starling's behaviors, you can live peacefully within your community of friends and family. Starling teaches lessons of group etiquette, social standing in family relations and how you appear to the world in those relationships. He will show the nuances of the art of communication and vocalization which needs to be clear and expressive. It's time to speak your voice. Starling can show how to be a fierce competitor to achieve goals along with using all the resources available to do such. Are you balancing your feminine/masculine qualities? It is time to accomplish tasks early and not wait until the last minute. Are you clinging to an idea, perception, people too tightly? Starling will teach much about sensitivity to others and working as a unity either in this world or another and will instill a sense of protection and hope.


Black Phoebe -- Represents opportunities to socialize and express yourself. It signals a time for seeking emotional and spiritual nourishment with others and creating a more solid foundation to build relationships upon. Black Phoebe illuminates the powers of observation, revealing hidden knowledge and wisdom.


It wasn't a MADAGASCAR Duck: That Duck has unfortunately become nearly Extinct...But that means something to ME. My higher self KNEW for ME... That Is what I have... The Ducks we saw going by are called-

Muscavoy Ducks & they speak about; Aggressive, Territorial, Unstable Pairing Native American Muscovy Duck Animal Medicine Bird People should remember that all birds are messengers from Great Spirit. The interesting thing about this Muscovy Duck Medicine is that it does not form a stable pair. Muscovy Duck medicine will couple-up with a related bird but not necessary a bird of its own kind. Relationships is the most important thing to look at when relating to this Bird Medicine. It is aggressive Bird Medicine and the males will often fight with each other over just about anything, including what would be typical -- territory, mate and food. The females are less aggressive. 


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